LSS Gears Up For New Columns

Have you ever written a story you just loved but for some reason no one wants to publish? That’s the point of our new column: Help, I Don’t See The Problem!

For this column we need some brave writers who aren’t afraid to let us edit their story publicly in the pages of LSS, much like what is done with query letters over at QueryShark. This public critique won’t just go into punctuation or grammar problems but will be more like a substantive edit for short stories. In this way we will be able to help many of our writers/readers at once rather than just a few in private. The author will have a choice in whether they want their real name published with their story, or be listed under a pen name. If you’re interested in submitting to this column, include the word HELP in the subject line of your email followed by the title of your story.

Only Writers Get It is something else we want to try. Writers need a little humor to break up their day of slaving over a hot keyboard, or a cold one if you’re suffering from writer’s block. Unfortunately, sometimes only another writer can appreciated that humor. Take the day I came out of my home office, flung my arms into the air and declared to my family that a coyote was taking over my story and demanding equal time with the human characters. My family just stared at me, but other writers would get it! If you have some little gems like these you want to share, put GET IT in your subject line.

Check our Submissions page for detailed information on submitting stories, poems or items for these columns.